Architecture & features

Apache Iceberg and Spark

The IOMETE lakehouse leverages Apache Iceberg as its core table format. Iceberg solves the challenges with traditional catalogs and is rapidly becoming an industry standard for managing data in data lakes. Apache Spark is an open source, distributed processing system used for big data workloads.

Decoupled storage & compute

We believe that customers should own their data and always have access to it. That's why your data is securely stored in your own AWS S3 account.

ACID transaction support

ACID transactions ensure the highest possible data reliability and integrity. They ensure that your data never falls into an inconsistent state because of an operation that only partially completes. For example, without ACID transactions, if you were writing some data to a database table, but the power went out unexpectedly, it's possible that only some of your data would have been saved, while some of it would not. Now your database is in an inconsistent state that is very difficult and time-consuming to recover from.

Schema enforcement and governance

Schema enforcement, also known as schema validation, is a safeguard in the IOMETE lakehouse that ensures data quality by rejecting writes to a table that do not match the table's schema. It checks to see whether each column in data inserted into the table is on its list of expected columns and rejects any writes with columns that aren't on the list.


In Autoscale mode, a multi-cluster warehouse eliminates the need for resizing the warehouse or starting and stopping additional warehouses to handle fluctuating workloads. IOMETE automatically starts and stops additional clusters as needed. Autoscale is by default enabled.



Easy, convenient, frictionless, effortless. We strive to have our platform do the talking, rather than a VC-funded sales team on steroids. Set up your first lakehouse in three easy steps. Easily connect your: BI, ML and AI applications to the lakehouse by using the SQL end point.


The IOMETE lakehouse allows for the analysis of petabytes of data in seconds. It can handle simultaneously multiple workloads. Built-in autoscaling dynamically manages clusters. AWS ensures unlimited scaling.

One source of truth

With IOMETE you can keep all your structured and unstructured data in one place, so that your entire team works of the same data set. Advanced access controls allow you to provide detailed access to tables, or even rows, columns and cells within tables to individuals or teams.

Unlimited scaling

Since IOMETE leverages AWS, you are always assured that you have the adequate resources or instances to deal with your application load, irrespective of how prominently or abruptly the traffic might spike.

Lowest cost to the user

Our price is your cost. We believe that price matters. Our compute price is equal to the AWS on demand price with no mark-up. Some of our competitors have raised billions in venture capital and spend that on aggressive sales & marketing. Who pays for that? You... but not at IOMETE. We primarily rely on word-of-mouth. This allows us to offer the lowest price in the market. Check out our pricing here.

No vendor lock in

Customer data is securely stored in the customer's S3 account so that the you always keep ownership of your data. Rather than locking you in with proprietary code and data formats, we use open source (Apache Iceberg, Spark, Parquet). That way you never get lock-in. The only way we can keep you as a customer is by providing you with the best experience.

Compatible and flexible

IOMETE is built to serve as the core of your modern data stack or as a lakehouse in combination with a data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake). Its open source structure makes it flexible and compatible with most third party data tools, including ingestion/ETL, BI and ML/AI applications.

World-class support

We pride ourselves in serving our customers like no one else. This starts with onboarding. We will hold your hand until you are fully satisfied. Eighty percent of our team consist of engineers. So when you ask us a question in your dedicated Slack channel, it will be answered by an engineer with intimate knowledge of our platform and your data stack. We also provide in-house consulting in case you need extra bandwidth or expertise to solve a particular challenge.

Cloud, on premise, hybrid

The cloud offers many benefits and most of our users leverage the scalability, security and flexibility that IOMETE on AWS offers. We also provide on premise, local cloud and hybrid solutions. Reach out to learn more.

Got curious?

Book 20 mins with us to see if we're a mutual fit or we can dive in right away with a 45 min demo.

FAQ | Serverless Lakehouse

How to run a query?

You just need to select lakehouse and database and you are good to go.

Is there a way to export the results of a query?

Yes. There is the ability to export results as a .csv file. The export button is located right above the results table.

How can I get access to the result of previous queries?

You can use the Query History feature of the SQL editor.

How to enable autocomplete feature?

You don’t have to do something special to enable autocomplete feature. It is enabled by default and it uses your data catalog information to enrich autocompleting possibilities.