The Modern Cloudera Alternative

Sometimes newer is better (and saves you a lot of $$$).
Use Case

Cloudera users may experience one or more of the following challenges

Cloudera lags behind in adopting newer technologies and trends like cloud-native deployments and active contributions to open-source communities. This might lead to concerns about their ability to keep pace with rapid advancements in the data management landscape.
Cloudera's reliance on older technologies like Hadoop, while still robust, can be less performant and flexible compared to newer options like Apache Spark, which is IOMETE's core engine. This could potentially limit scalability and adaptability for certain use cases.
Cloudera offers various products ranging from data storage (HDFS) to data governance and machine learning. While this provides options, it can be argued that it contributes to a wider "zoo" if not carefully managed. Integrating different Cloudera products with each other and external tools can be complex, potentially adding to management overhead.
Cloudera's pricing structure is sometimes criticized for being complex and less transparent compared to competitors who offer simpler pricing models like IOMETE. This can make it difficult for users to accurately estimate costs and budget effectively.

IOMETE is a modern data lakehouse that is deployed securily within your own trust perimeter.

The IOMETE data lakehouse platform unifies all your data - regardless of where your data resides - enabling large-scale analytics (BI/ML/AI) on your entire data set. With IOMETE you can analyze multi-terabyte to petabyte-scale data seamlessly across on-premise and/or cloud environments.
With the combination of the leading Apache Iceberg table format and the powerful Apache Spark engine, IOMETE provides blazing-fast performance. We suggest running a POC so you can see the results for your self.
IOMETE features the best user interface in the industry, which allows your data team to derive business value from your data, rather than tinkering with it. With IOMETE, your data team enjoys a fully managed experience without the need to spend resources on infrastructure management, such as setup and upgrades.
IOMETE has a transparent and simple pricing model. On premise deployment is $25 per CPU core per month. Cloud is $0.034 per CPU core per hour. By using IOMETE you can optimize costs by using your cloud provider's reserved instances, discounts and spot instances. IOMETE customers will save 50% or more over Cloudera.

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How to install IOMETE
Easily install IOMETE on AWS using Terraform and enjoy the benefits of a cloud lakehouse platform.
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Querying Files in AWS S3
Effortlessly run analytics over the managed Lakehouse and any external files (JSON, CSV, ORC, Parquet) stored in the AWS S3 bucket.
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Getting Started with Spark Jobs
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting started with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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Virtual lakehouses
A virtual lakehouse is a cluster of compute resources that provide the required resources, such as CPU, and memory, to perform the querying processing.
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Iceberg tables and Spark
IOMETE features Apache Iceberg as its table format and uses Apache Spark as its compute engine.
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The SQL editor
This guide aims to help you get familiar with getting startedThe SQL Editor is where you run queries on your dataset and get results.with writing your first Spark Job and deploying in the IOMETE platform.
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